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retired physician currently writing novels and short stories. Interests include history, medical history, arts, classical guitar and scuba diving.

The Corona Virus Pandemic and the History of Plagues

The Corona virus has caused, in a short time, an understandable level of anxiety, social disruption, suffering and death. Though we are well aware of the cause–a virus that mutated to a highly infectious and lethal disease–it does little to … Continue reading

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The Medieval Military Surgeon: Case History: Henry V, Battle of Shrewsbury, 1403

I am a retired surgeon, former flight surgeon in the USNR Medical Corps, and lifelong student of military and medical history. In considering the many misperceptions about the history of medicine, stereotypes of medicine in the Middle Ages are one … Continue reading

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When Is A Villain Too Villainous? Immunity to AIDS and Bubonic Plague.

I just finished reading prizewinning author Ron Rash’s book Serena, a novel about a Macbeth-like couple, George and Serena Pemberton,  who are ambitious timber barons during the Great Depression (the one in 1929!). Serena is the evil mastermind and provocateur who edges … Continue reading

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Classical Guitar and King Tut

I have been revising my novel for the umpteenth time and still find many things I want to revise, based on my mood, what I’ve recently read, new insights and so forth. The old adage that a novel, or any … Continue reading

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I have been engrossed by the recent controversy and emerging data regarding complications from implanting polypropylene mesh in transvaginal repairs of certain types of hernias and prolapses in that area. I used similar mesh as the standard of care for … Continue reading

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Tinkerers and Neanderthals

As part of my assigned work towards my MFA in creative writing, I read Paul Harding’s “Tinkers,” a lyrical and elegiac novel that almost didn’t get published. Yet, despite a floodwater of rejections, eventually it was quietly printed by the small Bellvue Literary … Continue reading

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So, Where’ve you been?

Much has happened since the last post. I am in my second semester of my MFA program at Spalding University, Louisville, KY. I have learned a great deal and have read a great deal. Two impressions stand out:  one, writing … Continue reading

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